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  1. Thank you for using the website and services of Ozitask Pty Ltd. We hope that you enjoy everything that we offer;
  2. By accessing and using our website you agree to be bound by these Terms under the laws of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia. Accordingly, you should review them carefully. If you do not accept the Terms, you must not access our website or use our services;
  3. Our Privacy Policy and all other notices and communications which we provide through our website will form part of and are subject to these Terms. To the extent of any inconsistency, these Terms, these Terms prevail; and
  4. We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time without notice. Please access our website and review the Terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes that we make.


In these Terms:

  1. Copyright Infringement Claim means a notice to Us which includes:
    1. the identification of your copyrighted work which has allegedly been infringed on our website and services;
    2. a description of the alleged infringing Content;
    3. your name, address and contact details so that we may contact you if further investigation of your claim is required; and
    4. declarations that:
      1. you have not at any time granted us permission, either directly or pursuant to these Terms, to use your copyrighted work; and
      2. the information provided in the Copyright Infringement Claim is accurate and truthful
  2. Intellectual Property means all present and future rights to trademarks, domain names, logos, patents, inventions, copyrights and all similar rights in any part of the world whether registered or unregistered, which directly or indirectly relate to any information, media or process utilized by or embodied in our website and services;
  3. Privacy Policy means our policy of that name which governs the manner in which we collect, and what we may do with information that you provide to us. Our Privacy Policy is available at here.
  4. Sale means any contract into which you enter, via our website, to provide services to others;
  5. Terms means these terms and conditions between you and us;
  6. Transaction means any purchase or payment facilitated by or completed via our website or otherwise;  and
  7. Us, We and Our means Ozitask Pty. Ltd.


We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to Our Privacy Policy for further details on how we collect and protect your information. By agreeing to these Terms, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

By accessing and using our website and by using our services you agree that:

  1. We own all right, title and interest in the Intellectual Property. You will not hinder, impede, invalidate or challenge our ownership or entitlement to use or register any part of the Intellectual Property in any way, or do any act which may diminish the value of the Intellectual Property; and
  2. Any use, downloading, copying, adaption, modification, communication or reproduction of any part of our website or documents connected to our services or the Intellectual Property is strictly prohibited unless necessary for and incidental to your use of our Website or Transaction with us.

Copyright Infringement Claims

  1. If you genuinely believe that anything which we have done  infringes your copyrighted work you must mail a signed Copyright Infringement Claim to info@ozitask.com.au and
  2. We will assess your Copyright Infringement Claim in good faith and notify you of any outcome. You agree that our determination of any Copyright Infringement Claim is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Modifying and Terminating Our Website and services

  1. We reserve the right to modify, update or terminate our website and services or any part of our website and services at any time and at our absolute discretion, without notice or liability to you, although we will endeavour to notify you directly if the amendment relates to a service that you have engaged us to provide;
  2. We reserve the right to delete any content posted on our website or to cease offering any service at any time and at our absolute discretion, without notice or liability to you; and
  3. Any change or modification to our website and services or these Terms is effective immediately upon them being posted on our website however where the change impacts on a service provided to you; we will endeavor to notify you promptly.  If any such change or modification is unacceptable to you, you must not use our website and services. If following any such change or modification you continue to use our website and services, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes or modifications.


  1. All Transactions will be covered by these Terms and any additional terms or conditions displayed during the finalization of the Transaction or on the order and/or application form that you submit to Us;
  2.  All products and services offer to dare subject to the restrictions and disclaimers contained in these Terms and any further disclaimers relating to those products specifically, in addition to any other conditions which apply to that product or service;
  3. You acknowledge that on our website, we facilitate the sale of products and services provided by third parties. You acknowledge that we are only able to convey information provided to us by those third parties, and if you buy products or services (unless we undertake to personally provide those products or services), we have no control over how those third party products and services are delivered. To the extent permitted by law, you agree to release us from all liability in relation to any information that we convey which is deceptive or misleading to the extent that it was provided to us by third parties, and in relation to all products and services provided by third parties;
  4.  You acknowledge and accept that, while we make all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure Transactions occur in a secure environment, we are not responsible for any unauthorized:
    1. interception, modification or diversion of a Transaction request or delivery of a Digital Product;
    2. access or copying of details relating to a Transaction (including personal or financial information); or
    3. Failure to deliver a Digital Product, where that failure is not directly caused by our deliberate actions.
  5. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel any Transaction for any reason.


  1. If you provide products or services to us or to third parties via our website, you agree to:
    1. Ensure that all information that you provide is accurate;
    2. Provide the products or services that you are selling in a professional and timely  manner; and to indemnify us against any claim arising out of your failure to do so;
    3. At all times have and maintain all licenses and legal approvals required to sell the products or services that you are selling or providing; 
    4. Not engage any third party contractor without ensuring that that contractor holds all necessary licenses and approvals; and
  2. At all times maintain at least $20 million public liability insurance.
  3. You agree to indemnify us against any claim arising due to your failure to abide by the provisions of this clause 8.


  1. We have no control over and are not responsible for the content of any third-party:
    1. a site for which a hyperlink is provided or displayed on our website, including but not limited to social media sites such as “facebook”; or
    2. Advertisements displayed on our website.
  2. We expressly disclaim (and do not endorse or verify) the accuracy or reliability of content on third-party websites described in subclause (a);
  3. If hyperlinks are provided on our website they are for your convenience only and may not be current or operational. Our use or inclusion of a hyperlink on our website is not an endorsement, approval or recommendation of the linked website or its content; and
  4. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices associated with third-party websites and before accessing these sites you should read their terms, conditions and privacy statements. Your use of or reliance on any third-party website is at your own risk absolutely.


  1. Except to the extent required by law, We make no representation and give no warranty or undertaking (express or implied) as to the currency, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness or reliability of our website and descriptions of services that we provide to you either directly or through third parties;
  2. Except to the extent prohibited by law, we disclaim any and all responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury or another claim whatsoever for any outcome arising from your reliance upon our website or our services’ inability to meet your needs; and
  3. We will not be responsible for any delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with the use of our website and services. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept responsibility for any interference or damage to your electronic device which may arise in connection with your use of our website and services.


To the fullest extent permitted by law:

  1. All conditions and warranties concerning our website(whether as to quality, outcome, fitness, care, skill or otherwise) expressed or implied by statute, common law, equity, trade, custom or usage or otherwise are expressly excluded;
  2. Except where the law requires otherwise, in no event will we, our officers, employees, or agents be liable for any loss, costs or damages (including, without limitation, economic or consequential loss, lost profits or special damages) resulting from the use of or inability to use our website and services, whether arising under statute or in contract, tort or any other legal doctrine, and whether or not we are or ought to have been aware of, or advised of the possibility of such loss, costs or damages;
  3. We are not liable to you or to any third party for any personal injury, including death, caused by or connected to access to, use or misuse of our website and our services; and
  4. To the extent permitted by law, remedies under these Terms are exclusive and are limited to those expressly provided for in these Terms.


  1. To the extent that any part of these Terms are invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or voidable for any reason, then these Terms will be construed and be binding as if the invalid, unenforceable, illegal, void or voidable part had been deleted from them or read down to the extent necessary to overcome the difficulty;
  2. Our waiver of any breach or a failure to enforce or to insist on the observance of a condition of these Terms will not be a waiver of any other or of any subsequent breach;
  3. We will not be responsible or liable for failure to perform any obligation under these Terms if such failure is caused by the occurrence of any matter beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, industrial disputes, the internet and communications outages, fire, flood, war, explosion, accident or act of God; and
  4. These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the State of New South Wales, and you irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State and of the Commonwealth of Australia.

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