Ozitask is an Online Market Platform/Space that provides opportunities for Service Providers or Sellers to advertise their product’s and or services and for consumers to evaluate the available products or services and find the best match that suits their requirement and budget; this equally benefits both the service providers and the consumers.

Ozitask offerings in its platform ranges from selling and buying products as well as outsourcing task to the people who are looking to earn money and benefiting the latter either to promote their work and availability to perform the task through us.

Ozitask is free; it means we are not charging customers for posting anything on the website. You can buy and sell products, in addition to that our tasker can help you finish your chores like cleaning, gardening etc. and you can also advertise your work through us as well for example you can advertise your availability and skill set on the website and people who wants to get the relevant work done will contact you.
Signing up is easy with Ozitask, you can either do it through your existing email id or Facebook account.
Password can be reset automatically through login tab and then click forgot password. Once you typed in your email address, an email will be sent to you for changing the password.
An Ozitask worker is a person who completes task for other people. To start with, worker needs to create his account and then look for tasks that he can pursue further. Onceworker finds the task of his interest, an offer can be made on a task. Ozitask poster will view your offer and assign it to you. Private conversation can begin between the poster and tasker once job has been assigned and further details about completing the task can be discussed. An OZItask can advertise his work/skill on our website and can create his own portfolio and upload the photos related to his work.
An OZItask advertiser is a person who is posting a task to get the job done.

Simply click on Advertise task and complete the form. User need to fill in the task details, location, and number of persons required for the job and budget of the job. Let’s start with the work flow.

1. You just need to press one magic button and that is Advertise.

2. Advertise will take you to a Pop Up Page and here you can select to go to either advertising/posting tasks and/or Products.

3. So now you are selecting task which will take you to a below form, here you need to fill three bascis information.

4. Initially you will be filling up what exactly is your task.

5. Then you have to Select whether your task can be done online or its need tobe done in person and if it needs to be done in person then you need to select the location where this task needs to be performed.

6. Task poster can select number of persons required for this job and their total budget.

7. Click continue and your task will be posted on the website.

Once you have browsed the task and selected to perform it, you can make offer to the poster.

1. Click browse on main page and select task. Number of tasks posted by users will be displayed as shown below. Select one of the task you would like to do and click browse task.

2. Worker need to click make offer on the task and proceed further.

3. Fill in all the details mentioned below and select continue.

4. Enter your offer price in the below tab and poster will be informed about your offered price.

5. As soon as the offer is sent to the poster, sending leads will display the tasks you have offered the price for. Information will be displayed on your dashboard under sending leads tab.

Offers made can always be viewed through dashboard. Select leads and click sending leads to view the offer.

Go to your dashboard

Select leads and then sending leads

Offers made to your post can be viewed through dashboard. Select leads and then receiving leads.

Go to your dashboard

Select leads and then receiving leads

An offer will appear in poster dashboard under receiving leads. Poster can view all the offers and accept the one that suits their requirement. Once accepted, an email will be sent to Ozitask worker that their offer has been accepted by the poster.

Once offer is accepted by poster, status of job will be changed from pending to assign in the dashboard. An automated email will be sent to both poster and workers regarding this.

You can sell anything on OZItask. Some popular sales are cars, cameras, furniture and other products. Items mentioned in the prohibited products list cannot be sold.

You can post as many ads you want.

Task will be displayed on the website for one month however the contents will always stay under user dashboard leads history.

Once seller has advertised a product on the website, buyer will be able to view that and will send request to the seller. Seller will receive an email through OZItask. In addition to that, buyer will be able to access seller information like mobile number and email and can pursue the communication further.

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Certain Word in your Advertisment Contain some illicit word as per our policy. So your Advertisment will be submited to admin for review. if you agree then click...

Certain Word in your Advertisment Contain some illicit word as per our policy. So your Advertisment will be submited to admin for review. if you agree then click...

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